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When you get into a car accident, you want your vehicle repaired by a team that has the training and expertise to maintain the quality of your car. You want Fogle Collision.

At Fogle Collision, all technicians must be certified and complete ongoing training to be current on the latest techniques using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure every car that comes to our shops is repaired precisely to specifications.

Fogle Collision Certifications

Whether you have a luxury, high performance vehicle or a vehicle for everyday commuting, you don’t want the quality of your car diminished after an accident. That’s why you need certified technicians who are trained to make repairs on your model of vehicle.

Because of the advanced skills our technicians have, Fogle Collision makes precise repairs in less time than other body shops. This has earned Fogle Collision the ICar Gold Class designation.

And at Fogle Collision, it’s not just about repairing vehicles quickly, it’s about making the repairs according to specifications. We guarantee that repairs are made to the auto maker’s standards.

Fogle Collision BBB Business Review

Lifetime Warranty

Our commitment to perform exceptional work to your vehicle is more than just a promise. We are proud to offer a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty on repairs and the Axalta Nationwide Guarantee on any paint services.

If you have had an accident, contact Fogle Collision to experience efficient and hassle-free auto body repairs and service from a highly skilled team.

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