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As a driver in the Katy, Houston, Cypress, or League City areas, it can be overwhelming to find a quality collision repair shop that you can trust to do the work precisely. Getting the best value for what you pay is also important since collision repair shops charge different prices.

It takes some research and plenty of questions to narrow down the right body shop that will meet your needs. As you search, keep a few steps in mind that will determine a quality auto body shop.

Body Shop Location

Convenience may be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to find a reputable collision repair shop. It’s also important to take into consideration the location of the repair shop. If it is in an area where property is more expensive, they may charge more per hour for labor to cover the overhead costs.

Ask About Certifications

When inquiring about auto body shops, find out if the shop is certified by the maker of your car. The certification verifies that the shop has the equipment needed to repair your vehicle and the technicians are trained by the maker to repair your car.

Ask for Recommendations

Talk to people you know to find out where they take their cars for collision repair. Get several recommendations. The Better Business Bureau can let you know if a body shop has multiple complaints. Look at reviews online. If there are several good recommendations for the same shop from sources you trust, it’s likely that repair shop performs quality work.

Ask about Warranty

A reliable collision repair shop stands behind the quality work it does to a vehicle. Inquire about the warranty to body repairs and to paint on your car. Find out specifically how long the warranty lasts and what the warranty covers.

Ask About Estimates

When inquiring about estimates, find out if the repair shop offers free estimates and ask if they use the insurance company’s estimate or their own. Use a repair shop that provides their own estimate based on the technician’s interpretation of repairs, versus doing the repairs based on the insurance company’s estimate of what work needs to be done.

If your car needs auto body or paint services, contact the Houston collision repair shop that you can trust. At Bill Fogle Collision Center, we provide free estimates and warranty for any repairs needed to your car. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and experience our personalized service.

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