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The summer heat can damage your car. Take precautions to protect it.

When you’re out in the heat, you (hopefully) take extra precautions to protect your body. You might drink extra water and put on sunscreen. But do you take precautions when it comes to your car being exposed to sizzling temperatures? Like your body, your car takes some damage in the heat. Here are our top tips to keep your car running well and looking good in the summer sun.

Check your battery

Hot temperatures have the potential to damage your car battery. Take a look and make sure it is clean of dirt and corrosion, both of which can affect the charge flow. Excessive heat can cause fluid within the battery to evaporate, shortening the battery’s life. If you have the type of battery that needs fluid refills, check the levels often.

If your interior lights or headlights are looking dim, this could be a sign that the battery isn’t functioning well. Test your battery if this happens, and replace it if needed.

Keep it clean

Keeping your vehicle clean protects your car’s exterior from the scorching sun. Dirt and debris can scratch your car’s surface so regular cleaning and a topcoat will keep the paint in good condition. A coat of wax also keeps your paint job protected from the sun and weather.

Catch some shade

Keeping your car shaded will not only help protect the vehicle from sun damage, but it will also make getting into the vehicle a lot more comfortable on a hot day. A sunshade is a good alternative when a shady parking spot isn’t available. Either way, the shade will help prevent strong rays from beating down on the vehicle, potentially fading, cracking and drying out interior components like seats and the dashboard.

Keep an eye on fluids and tires

Fluids are crucial to making sure your car is running efficiently in the heat, and they could be more prone to evaporation during the hot summer months. Make sure your car has the proper level of fluids like oil, coolant, and windshield fluid. Tires are vulnerable in the heat, thanks to the hot, expanding air within them. Like fluids, keep an eye on your tires, regularly checking the pressure.

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Four ways to protect your car from the heat
Four ways to protect your car from the heat
The scorching temperatures are here in Texas. Learn four quick tips to keep your car running well and looking good in the heat.

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