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A teen sits behind the wheel, wearing a backwards cap and sunglasses.
Teen drivers often look for the car they want based on look, but here are some vehicles you may want to consider for their safety.

Every parent has concerns when their teen starts driving.

Even if they are a safe driver, teens aren’t likely to know how to react quickly to dangerous driving situations. This comes with experience. Until they gain experience, you can further protect them with a vehicle with a high safety rating.

New cars for teens

If you decide to purchase a brand new car for your teen, the good news is that safety features improve every year. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) chooses its Top Safety Picks every year. Vehicles must earn good ratings in five tests to be considered a Top Safety Pick.

Several affordable cars in the small car category made the list, such as the Chevrolet Sonic, Honda Civic, and Mazda 3. There are also midsize cars, small SUVs, and midsize SUVs on the list. Many of the vehicles on the list offer optional safety features such as front crash prevention.

Safety features to consider for a teen driver

Many parents opt to buy used or pass down a vehicle to their teen driver. Knowing the teen could potentially put some dings and dents in the vehicle, this is a common option.

There are a few safety features worth considering in an older model vehicle. According to AAA, they suggest a midsize vehicle for teens since they offer more protection. Other safety features to consider are a forward collision warning system, a system to notify authorities of a crash, and a backup camera to give more visibility behind the vehicle.

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