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Tag: car maintenance

How to make your car paint last

Nothing ages your car more than bubbling, chipping, or rusting paint. Your car is a large investment that you want to maintain properly, both to save you money over the years and to have a car you’re proud of. Taking care of your paint is easy. Get in the habit with these tips. Wash your…

A pink gloved hand washes the front corner of a black car with a sudsy yellow sponge.

Tips for a safe holiday road trip

It’s the season for family and friends to come together and enjoy time spent with one another. This can mean taking a road trip, along with many others who will head out on the highways and roads. But with more travelers comes a greater chance of accidents. Leave early It helps to leave early for…

Three young men take a selfie, two inside a white SUV, the other standing outside. They have ski gear, and snow and trees are visible in the background.

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