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Tag: how-to

Buying tires: What you need to know

One of the most essential maintenance checks on your car is your tire quality. Buying tires, and knowing when to buy, is important for your safety and to prevent unnecessary wear and damage to your car. Most tires need to be changed between 25 and 50k miles. Not all drivers wear their tires the same….

The front of a red car is parked near a leaning stack of shiny new tires

How to make your car paint last

Nothing ages your car more than bubbling, chipping, or rusting paint. Your car is a large investment that you want to maintain properly, both to save you money over the years and to have a car you’re proud of. Taking care of your paint is easy. Get in the habit with these tips. Wash your…

A pink gloved hand washes the front corner of a black car with a sudsy yellow sponge.

Here’s how to find a quality repair shop

When you get in an accident, it can be overwhelming to find a quality collision repair shop that you can trust. Getting the best value for what you pay is important, but there are other considerations that make a quality repair. As you search, keep a few steps in mind that will help you find…

Man in white jumpsuit and respirator mask stands in a paint booth with various car panels.

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