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Tag: tire repair

Is maintaining tire quality really a big deal?

Car owners are responsible for maintaining their vehicles’ tire quality. Insufficient tread or air pressure leads to more than just a flat tire. In 2017, tire-related crashes resulted in 738 fatalities nationwide. While the number of tire-related crashes has dropped in the past decade, they can still happen and cause serious damage. Every car owner…

a close-up of the front right tire of a dark car parked in a garage

How to avoid a collision during a tire blowout

Many drivers fear to have a tire blowout while behind the wheel. It can create a sense of panic, and loss of control if you are not prepared. Here are a few of our tips on how to handle a tire blowout. Recognizing when a tire blowout occurs A driver must know the signs of…

Someone holds a blown tire upright for the camera.

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